But I’m not Your Usual Business Coach

When I first started business coaching over 20 years ago, no one had heard of it! Now everyone seems to be a coach, but I’m not your usual business coach.

First of all, I’m an accountant with a personality

First of all, I’m an accountant with a personality (I know, hard to believe). This means that your coaching starts with the numbers. It’s about getting results, not just about making you feel good.


I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners over the last 20 years. I’ve helped them to grow and build strong teams, and I can use that experience to help you too.


I roll my sleeves up and give you hands-on support

And I don’t just tell you what to do and then disappear. I roll my sleeves up and give you hands-on support to implement the changes needed in your business.

The Business Mastery Coaching Philosophy

I’ve developed a coaching program that will teach you and then support you to implement the fundamental principles to running a successful business in three key areas.

Money Mastery

Being in control of your money and understanding your numbers is the foundation of a successful business. Money mastery is about getting in control of your profit, cash, and growth.


Growth Mastery

Once you’re in control of your money, and not before, it’s then time to drive growth into your business. Growth mastery is above setting up your delivery, marketing, and sales processes.

Develop Your Team

People Mastery

No business is successful without a strong team. People mastery is about setting up the right framework for your team, putting the right management processes in place and becoming a better leader.

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We have 2 ways for you to start getting help today, download the checklist or book a strategy session

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The Business Money Mastery Six-Week Course

Do you want to take control of your money, improve your profits and generate more cash? Click below to learn more about our six-week money mastery course.

The foundation of a successful business starts with getting in control of your money. But the problem is that accounting is often way too complex and, some even say, boring!

To help business owners, I’ve created a six-week course that strips away all the crap and jargon created by accountants.

I’ve narrowed it down to just six key fundamental steps you need to implement to get in control of your money. Click below to find out more.

Learn More


Outside Guidance

A business coach will give you an outsider’s perspective on your business that will give you the support you need.

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A business coach will hold you accountable to make sure you work ‘on’ and not just ‘in’ your business.

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Improve Profit & Cash

A business coach will help you implement strategies to improve your cash flow and grow your profit.

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Develop Your Team

A business coach will help you build a team that works and runs your business effectively, freeing up your time.

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Plan & Prepare

I’m an accountant

This means that your coaching starts and ends with the numbers. It’s about getting results and money in the bank, not just about making you feel good.

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Place & Shortlist

Coaching for over 20 years

When I started business coaching no one had heard of it. Now coaches seem to be everywhere! Experience counts, though, and I can bring that to you.

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Phone Interview

Hands-on support

I don’t just come and tell you what to do and then disappear. I roll my sleeves up and give you hands-on support to implement the changes in your business.

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face to face interview

One-on-one coaching

With one-on-one coaching we’re able to work on your business. There’s no need to follow a set program that’s delivered to a group, which often isn’t relevant.

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NLP practitioner

Being an NLP Practitioner and a student of success (devouring over 330 business books) gives me access to some powerful tools that can help you.

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Proven coaching framework

From my experience over the last 20 years helping businesses, I’ve put together a framework that gives you a blueprint for success.

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Our coaching programs have been developed to provide a proven way for you to learn and implement the fundamental principles of running a successful business.

This process focuses on what has been proven to drive the best results: one-on-one coaching with hands-on support to implement the strategies into your business.

The foundation of a successful business starts with getting in control of your money. But the problem is that accounting is often way too complex and, some even say, boring (although, as an accountant, I’m not sure about that one :-))!

To help business owners, I’ve created a six-week course that strips away all the crap and jargon created by accountants (don’t tell them I said that – I’ll lose my club membership).

I’ve narrowed it down to just six key fundamental steps you need to understand and implement as a business owner, that will:

  • give you control of your money,
  • help you to improve your profits, and
  • generate more cash.

The course is called The Business Money Mastery Program. 

Click here to find out more and access a free checklist and training on the six steps so you can see how to get in control of your money.

Kick-Start Day

All coaching programs start off with the Kick-Start Day. This process is a vital first step in getting maximum value from your coaching program.

This is where we spend two half-days evaluating your business, including your financials, sales and marketing, systems and processes, and your team to identify the areas we need to focus on to improve the business.

We’ll then get a clear view of your business goals, making sure all the business owners are on the same page and their goals are aligned. We’ll do this by:

    1. developing a clear description of what you want your business to look like in 3, 5 or 10 years;
    2. breaking that down into annual milestones that need to be passed along the way to get you there; and
    3. breaking the first year’s milestones down into quarterly goals and simple step-by-step actions that need to be completed.

We’ll also go through some guiding principles on how you can create a ‘mind-set for success’ and complete DiSC Personality and Language System Diagnostic Tests so you can gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

This will give us the road map for the future of your business that, if relevant, we will then introduce to your team.

The Coaching Programs

The coaching programs are about working with you and your team to implement the plan and milestones identified in your Kick-Start Day.

There are three coaching programs available with the main difference being how often we meet. We’ll identify which program suits you best in your complimentary coaching session.

Bronze – Monthly Sessions

  • One mentoring session per month
  • Up to four hours of hands-on support per month
  • Knowledge library
  • Resource library

Silver – Fortnightly Sessions

  • Two mentoring sessions per month
  • Up to four hours of hands-on support per fortnight
  • Annual budget and planning review
  • Knowledge library
  • Resource library

Gold – Weekly Sessions

  • Four mentoring sessions per month
  • Up to four hours of hands-on support per week
  • Annual budget and planning review
  • Knowledge library
  • Resource library

Not all businesses are able to commit to a long-term coaching program. You might be just starting out and would like to have access to a business coach on an ad hoc basis, or your business might just need help with a specific project.

To help business owners in this situation we offer SMARTblock™, where you can invest in coaching by purchasing a block of hours that you can use as and when you need to. This can be used for anything in your business, including the following:

  • Planning Consultations – We can complete a review of your business plan to help identify the feasibility of your business, and use our experience to identify the best course of action to maximise your success.
  • Coaching Consultations – We can focus on specific issues in your business that might be holding you back from moving forward, and use our experience to identify the best course of action to maximise your success.
  • Financial Review – We can complete a detailed review of your financials to give you a better understanding of your numbers and your business’ financial viability and how you could improve your profits and cash.
  • Marketing Review – We can review your current marketing plan and help you adjust or set up your digital marketing and sales processes to follow best practices to maximise your results and help take your business to the next level.

This is training for your leadership team, managers and supervisors to give them the tools needed to manage and lead their teams.

Too often employees are promoted into manager positions because they are good at the technical side of their role. They’re good at what they do, but they’ve rarely had any management training.

Here we offer monthly management training for your whole team of managers and supervisors where we’ll:

  • share the team’s successes and learnings from the last session,
  • complete some management training, and
  • share any challenges the team may have with their current team.

This is designed to teach your managers and supervisors vital management skills. It helps them implement those skills and bonds them together as a team so they can support each other and help each other to manage your business.

The management training is designed specifically for what you need for your team, but some of the subjects that could be covered include the following:

  • The blueprint for being a productive boss
  • Understanding your team using DISC
  • Level 5 leadership and communication
  • How to find the time to manage and lead your team
  • How to recruit great team members
  • Effective team inductions
  • How to run a great team meeting
  • How to manage one-on-ones
  • 3 steps to discipline
  • 6 keys to effective delegation
  • Effective decision-making
  • How to motivate your team
  • The art of teamwork
  • Managing change
  • How to manage team training
  • Performance reviews made easy
  • Managing an underperforming team member
  • Effective coaching and mentoring

This is training for your team to give them the tools and knowledge needed to help them both perform better in their role and for their own self-development.

This isn’t the technical training on how to do their role; instead, it focuses on the soft skills needed to be better at understanding people, communicating and self-development.

Too often businesses don’t train their team, or at best they might give them some basic technical or health and safety training. While that’s important, it does not help your team develop as people. If your people are growing and developing, then your business will grow and develop too.

Here we offer either a one-off training session or a monthly program specifically designed around what training your team or department needs. Some of the subjects that could be covered include the following:

  • How to harness your mind for success
  • Understanding you – using DISC
  • Finding your ‘why’
  • Communication for success
  • How to find the time to do the important things
  • How to provide sensational service
  • Communication mastery – influence and persuasion
  • Conflict resolution – dealing with hard conversations
  • Sales made simple

This is a great tool to offer your leadership team, managers and supervisors in your business.

It is one-on-one coaching with key managers to help them improve their performance and their own personal development. This is designed to work with your internal management process and for us to work on some of the key areas they need help in.

This also goes hand-in-hand with the group management training, allowing us to work one-on-one on more personal issues, focusing on personal strengths and weaknesses.

The steps in this process include the following:

  • Step 1 – Complete a 360 SWOT analysis – Identify what we want to work on and prepare a professional development plan. This is completed with the person concerned and their manager as part of the 360 SWOT analysis and an agreed professional development plan.
  • Step 2 – Understand Their Drive and Motivation – Complete an advanced DISC Profile Review to get a deep understanding of workplace predispositions, motivators, needs, most effective workplace environments, strengths, development areas, communication style and much more.
  • Step 3 – Understand Their Values and How They Link to Their Role – Understand and identify the reason why the manager works in this role, what their values are and how they relate to the company’s values.
  • Step 4 – Complete One-On-One Coaching – Work through the professional development plan and profile one-on-one with either a fortnightly or monthly session to develop their management and leadership skills using real examples from their day-to-day work. This could include, but is not limited to, the following areas of personal improvement:
    • How to take ownership and encourage your team to take ownership
    • Understanding your team and your manager using DISC
    • Having hard conversations and dealing with an underperforming employee
    • Planning, communication, delegating, motivating, problem solving, decision-making, one-on-ones, reviews, time management and effective coaching and mentoring

This is either a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month process, depending on what is identified in Step 1 and how it progresses as we go through the process with the manager concerned.

To support our clients with their growth we’ve teamed up with marketing experts and developed the  SMARTcoach Marketing Processes™.

These are designed to grow your business and take advantage of the latest digital marketing strategies.

We’ll complete a 6-point health check on your current marketing to identify the best ways we can assist your business growth and to develop a detailed plan which includes some of the services listed below:

  • Website development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Ads
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media Paid Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog and Content Marketing

To support our clients with their finance management we’ve teamed up with bookkeeping experts and developed the  SMARTcoach Bookkeeping Processes™.

These are about working with you to provide you the financial information you need to run your business and to free up your time so that you can work on your business or achieve your desired work-life balance.

We offer services from accounting to bookkeeping and payroll; from BAS to account preparation and management. We’ll identify which service suits you best in and that come up with a package to support you.

This includes:

  • Accounting System Clean Up
  • Bookkeeping and Data Entry
  • Payroll Services
  • GST & BAS
  • Break-Even Calculation
  • Budget Preparation
  • Management Accounts

Get Help Now

We have 2 ways for you to start getting help today, download the checklist or book a strategy session

Download the 21-Step Business

Success Checklist + Mini-Training

Book your strategy session to

 find out if coaching can help


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