Free Live Workshop for Business Owners

How to Calculate Your Break-Even

Without needing to talk with your confusing & expensive accountant

The most important number that a business owner needs to know is their break-even.

But the problem I’ve found is that most business owners find break-even confusing and don’t know how to calculate it, let alone how to use it to help improve profits.

In this workshop I’ll show you how to calculate your break-even with the tool I use with my clients – The Simple Break-Even Calculator™

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The Simple Break-Even Calculator™

You’ll get a simple-to-use tool to help you calculate your break-even, called The Simple Break-Even Calculator™, which we will complete with you in the workshop, so you can calculate your break-even.

Is Your Business Financially Viable

We will calculate exactly how much it costs you each day, week and month to run your business and how many sales you need to make each day, week and month to break-even and reach your profit targets.

How to Improve Profits with Your Break-Even

I’ll show you how to use your cost and profit break-even each day, week and month to know when you can afford those additional costs, like new team members, and to monitor and improve your profit.